Season Fees


Due to changes from COVID-19, we’ve made some adjustments to our season fee.¬†As of June 1, the 2020 season fee for each student-athlete is $125. In addition to supporting the Oregon League as a year-round organization, this fee provides student-athletes with:

  • Insurance during practices and league events
  • Team rides and events with certified NICA coaches
  • Invites to participate in league-affiliated events
  • Special offers from sponsors of the league, including discounts on product and event registration
  • Annual NICA fee ($50)

The season fee of $125 is non-refundable. There will be an additional charge for races or other league events, but it’s so hard to say right now what the deal will be come October. Stay tuned – we’re gonna update you with what we got when we got it! We’re all riding this wave together and are eager to see you all on the other side of this.



The total 2020 season fee per coach is $98. This fee covers:

  • Background check requirement ($38)
  • Annual NICA fee ($50)
  • Annual Oregon League fee ($10)
  • Insurance during practices, pre-rides, and races
  • Training webinars
  • Access to the numerous resources through NICA’s industry connections, including discounts on products
  • Risk Management best practices studies and implementation
  • The how-to’s of starting a team and working with middle and high schoolers


Note that any team fees will be in addition to the Oregon League’s fee, and will be paid separately to the team. There is a range on what youth mountain biking team fees will be based on what kinds of things the team wants to cover (equipment, food, lodging, coach fees, etc.), so it’s best to check in with your Head Coach or Team Director about this.

We’re flexible on payment and are happy to set up a payment plan – just fill out this form.

Students are welcome to join throughout the season. There is no cut-off date as to when a rider can join a team and participate in the Oregon League.



We know finances can be a barrier for people to participate in this sport, and we’re committed to assisting families to the best of our ability with our scholarship fund. Whether you’re a coach or a student-athlete, we are here for you!

Coach Scholarship Application
Student-Athlete Scholarship Application