Event Management Team

Heather Wolfgang – League and Race Director

Heather started riding dirt when she was a kid growing up in Florida. No, there weren’t mountains, but there was the dirt road she lived on, and she and her brother Cliff would ride up and down that dang road all the time. Her love for riding led her to help coach the San Francisco Composite mountain bike team for four years. She’s enjoyed groveling in endurance mountain bike races and ‘cross races for almost a decade, too, and believes that riding bikes in nature provides people of all ages the opportunity to find their truest selves. When she’s not doing all this bike stuff, she’s probably sniffing out matsutakes in some dank forest.
Email: heather@oregonmtb.org


Dennis Sibilia-Young – Chief Course Marshal aka “Master Chief Course Marshal”

Dennis is the guy looking at all of our events very closely with risk management at the forefront of every decision. We’re not just gonna just say he “looks through the lens” of risk management. Dennis straight up takes a sample of a scene and then goes and puts that sample on a slide and then looks at it under a microscope to make sure that what we’re doing is dialed and safe and that we have a backup plan for any kind of emergency that could occur. When he’s going through every kind of scenario we may encounter on our race weekends, Dennis is watching little wee kids at a childcare service with his wife. He also rides (and races!) his ‘cross and mountain bikes.
Email: dennis@oregonmtb.org


Rick McClintock aka “McRick” – Operations Manager

“McRick” lived in SoCal for a long long time and coached the team his son raced on in the SoCal League. He and his wife decided it was time for a change, so they packed up everything they had, left their community and home down in SoCal, and made their way up to Grants Pass to start anew. When Rick found out about the Oregon League, he offered to help with anything, and we were like “anything?” and he was like, “yea, just tell me and I’ll do it.” Needless to say, we scored big time with this guy’s humor, work ethic, and stoke.


Dave Schyberg –┬áCourse Marshal Support

Back in the day, Dave used to race his own bike in the NorCal League on the Casa Grande High School team. He was probably pretty fast, but not fast enough to get a pro contract, so now he’s pursuing becoming a firefighter up in Washington. We’re lucky enough to get his time down here in Oregon to help us dial in our race venue and assist Dennis with the marshal responsibilities during race weekends. He once said he drove the furthest to get to our races (he lives in Seattle, see) but we recently told him that it’s actually “McRick” that logs the most mileage. Upon hearing this news, Dave now drives the extra long scenic routes to each of our races to secure his spot as the race crew member that drives the furthest to each of our races.


Kelly Ard –┬áRegistration and Merch Ninja

She’s more than just a registration n’ merch ninja. Kelly’s also a bodyworker based out of Albany helping people get connected to healing, plus she’s a badass mountain biker and a sponsor of one of the Oregon League teams. If it ain’t obvious, she’s got one solid good heart and we’re grateful for all she brings to league events.


Amy O’Connell – Volunteer Coordinator

Hailing from…wait, where’s Amy from? Nobody quite knows, but we do know a couple things. First, she’s always got an upbeat energy that’ll make you smile. She also likes to sell people on why volunteering is awesome (because it is) and is charge of recruiting enough adults on our race weekends to make surethe whole show goes off without a hitch. If we had to guess, Amy’s favorite singer is probably David Bowie.


Chris Schomaker – Timing Wizard

Our results are so dialed because of Chris. He’d tell you that the system is easy and straight-forward and blah blah, but it’s not. It’s complex! Our timing system can only be as effective as the person running it, Chris, so take the compliment. Side note, but we have bets Chris would be the coolest of cucumbers when the apocalypse comes.


Marc Couvillion – Righthand Man and Riders’ Wrench

Marc helps out in many ways on race weekends. On Saturdays, he’s working directly with “McRick” to get the infield set and dialed. Come Sunday when all the riders come, he puts on his mechanic’s hat and wrenches on their bikes – for free! Because he’s a rad guy and has this really big and awesome heart! Marc first experienced the NICA magic when he coached the Napa Valley Composite team in the NorCal League. Needless to say, we’re lucky ducks (and beavers) to get him on the team.


Lauren Bell – Course Setter

Coming all the way from Washington to help out on race weekends, Lauren brings with her not only one of the hardest work ethics we’ve ever laid eyes on, but also a hunger for adventure. She love long hikes and backpacking in the remote wilderness, as well as exploring new trails with her trusty mountain bike. We love her drive for experiences. If you see her at a race, ask her what she’s been up to and you’ll no doubt get inspired to plan your next exploration.


Kurt Wolfgang – Chief Course Setter and Start Line DJ

It wasn’t long ago that Kurt was aspiring to race the pro road scene in Europe. Fortunately for us, he realized that being a pro roadie actually meant more than traveling and competing and getting interviewed for articles about stage 10 of the Vuelta. This doesn’t mean he still doesn’t ride fast. In fact, he’s the kind of guy that could be in a coma for two years and then wake up and do a double century in the fastest time. Sigh. Must be nice to be immortal. Anyways, when Kurt isn’t being humble about racing, he’s cheering on the student-athletes at our events, as well as the coaches that are mentoring those riders. He also partners up with Lauren on Saturdays to set the course for all our races.
Email: kurt@oregonmtb.org

Peter Hisey – Announcer

Wanna know what the riders are up to at our races? Sneak on over to the finish line area and you’ll find Peter giving all the race updates as well as throwing in some pretty rad (and dry) jokes. It was a serendipitous encounter meeting Peter back in 2018, and after we hung out with him for some time we invited him to join the race crew. The rest is history, friends.


Robyn Saunders Wilson – GRiT Coordinator

Anybody who has met Robyn knows why she’s the perfect fit to be our GRiT Coordinator. She’s got this incredibly big warm heart, patience, compassion, and ease. She’s fun and tough and just awesome. Really can’t say enough good things about her! When she’s not helping us recruit more ladies to ride bikes, she’s being pinned down by her cat (they sit on laps, see), reading a good book with a warm cup o’ coffee, hanging out with her fam, and riding around in the countryside of Salem.
Email: robyn@oregonmtb.org